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by talking to AI

Have a conversation partner ready and eager to talk. Make language learning fit your shedule.

  • Boost your language learning with natural conversations
  • Get instant translations
  • Full sentence breakdown
  • Talk at any time
  • Adjusted to your level
  • Talk without being judged or feeling embarrassed
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Boost your language learning with the help of AI

Using advanced AI, you can increase your language proficiency by having extremely realistic conversations. Do instant translations and have language support at your fingertips.


"This is so helpful for beginners like me!"
"Really impressed"
"Wish I could have found this sooner!"


A conversation partner always ready and waiting for you.

Start a conversation whenever you have the time. No time-zone issues, no scheduling troubles. 24/7 availability, wherever you are whenever you want.

Language Support

Have instant language support

Translate, instantly, any part of the conversation in perfect English.
Get suggestions on your language use for every message you send.
Get a full breakdown of every message!



Keep track of difficult or new sentences.

Using the notebook you can save any message you receive into your personal notebook. At the click of a button you can keep track of a sentence and its translation.

What are you waiting for?

See it for yourself, and experience how regular conversations can vastly improve your language skills.

A plan for every type of Language Learner

No matter how serious you are in your language learning goals, we have a plan to support you.

Monthly refresh of your tokens.


Try out our functionalities.

  • Conversation tokens: 1000
  • Translations requests: Limited by tokens
  • Language restriction: None


Price Includes VAT.


Have a generous amount of tokens for daily use.

  • Conversation tokens: 25 000
  • Translations requests: Limited by tokens
  • Language restriction: None


Price Includes VAT.


Unlimited use of all features.

  • Conversation tokens: Unlimited
  • Translations requests: Unlimited
  • Language restriction: None


Price Includes VAT.

Frequently asked questions

What is a token?

Because an AI conversation requires a lot of calculating power, we limit the amount of calculations needed for the lower plans. This calculating power is represented with a token. One token equals one character the AI has generated. The advanced plan is completely unlimited and allows you to continue conversing without worrying about any limit.

Why does Translations requests say "Limited by tokens"

There is no real limit om requesting translations, doing a sentence breakdown, doing a spellcheck. You are however limited with the tokens to the amount of messages you can receive, in that way it is not fully 'unlimited', except for the highest plan.

What languages are supported?

In principle you can ask the AI to answer in any language. Officially we support the following languages:

English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brasil), Japanese and Korean.

When do my tokens refresh?

Monthly on the day you subscribed the amount of tokens will be refilled to the maximum amount.

What happens to my tokens when I upgrade?

Upon upgrading you will immediately receive the maximum amount of tokens for that plan.

Why shouldn't I just use ChatGPT to talk to?

While the technology behind goPenpal is based on the same technology that powers ChatGPT, the real power is in the tools built around it. Things like instant translations, text to speech, feedback about your conversation,... is what we offer to save you time and as a result help you practice a language much faster.

Questions or feedback?

Contact us with any questions, concerns or feedback you have.